Monday, May 5, 2014

Animal Shelter Trip

This past Saturday Troop 469 took a tour of the Southside Animal Shelter. The girls saw firsthand how animals were cared for at the shelter and had the opportunity to meet lots of cats and dogs along the way!

We were happy to donate money that we had saved from last year's lemonade stand and a portion of this year's cookie sale to the shelter! We also dropped off the cat scratch pads that we made from recycled cookie cases.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pizza Party Pictures & April Meeting

We had a great time at our Chicago's Pizza party! Not only did we get to enjoy pizza and fro-yo, the girls earned a cooking patch, which will be presented at the April 15th meeting!  

Don't Forget! Each Daisy is to bring in a fruit or vegetable of the following color to share with the troop.  We are making an edible rainbow and earning our Red petal at the same time!

Eleana- Red
Alyssa- Red
Kayden- Orange
Sophia B.- Yellow
Jadyn- Green 
Madeline- Blue
Cathryn- Purple
Sophie- Pink

Please update your calendars with upcoming events found here!


Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Meeting

Our next meeting is this Tuesday at 6 pm!  

Sophie is bringing the ingredients for our next cooking lesson.  I will give you a hint... we will be talking about animals from Mexico! 

Don't Forget!

I gave the Daisies a little bit of homework. You are supposed to find out the name of the person who started Girl Scouting. Be ready to share what you know Tuesday.  Good Luck!

Saturday, March 8th is our Chicago Pizza Party! Please meet us at 3pm.  The girls will earn their cooking badge by making their own pizza!  I am ordering pizza for the adults that wish to stay as a thank you for your cookie help! I believe we will be finished by 5 pm.

Cookie Booths

 Our girls did a fantastic job at our two booths last month! I noticed that they all have improved on people skills, giving change, and flashing winning smiles!  We had a 86% troop participation and our current cookie totals are 1,050, which is an average of 150 per girl! Every troop member will qualify for the t-shirt award! Thank you for all your hard work! 

Please bring any cookie money to the March 4th meeting!

Our Kmart Booth 

Our Lowe's Booth 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Meeting Re-Cap & Cookie Info


As always we had a blast at our troop meeting.  We worked on our Journey and the girls were awarded the Birdbath Award!  The girls put together a healthy snack that resembled a ladybug.  Here are their creations:

We are also working on our Count It Up leaf during this cookie selling season. The girls learned about the different kinds of cookies and about setting goals.  

Speaking of cookies...

Our initial order has been placed and we have sold 908 cookies so far!!! Way to go Daisies!!!  Our initial top seller is Elena at 196 boxes! My sweet husband is picking up our cookies January 30 and you will be able to start picking them up this weekend or at our troop meeting Tuesday, February 4th at 6 pm!

I have two indoor booths planned and I need to know who wants to help! Our goal is to sell 62 boxes which will be divide evenly among the girls who help at the booth.   I can have 2-3 girls per slot.  Please message me with your choice and I will update the list.

K-Mart on Thompson Rd. 
Saturday, February 8

11:00-12:00          1.  Jadyn    2.  Elena    3.  Madeline

12:00-1:00       1. Cathryn                 2.                          3.      

Lowe's on Madison Ave. 
Sunday, February 9

4:00-5:00       1.  Jadyn   2.  Kayden  3.  Madeline

5:00-6:00       1. Sophie                     2.                 3.                 

And one more thing:

To celebrate our hard work and to earn a Cooking patch we are celebrating at a Chicago's Pizza party where the girls will make their own pizza and enjoy some fro-yo.  This will come out of our troop $ so all you have to do is come join the fun!

This event will be on Saturday, March 8th at 3 pm!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ice Skating March 15th

Mark your calendars! Ice Skating Party! At this moment this will be an individual event.  I will know a little closer to the deadline if I will be attending. If you wish to attend with your scout please let me know. I will pay for the patches of any scout that attends.